• no commision
  • no membership
  • be on google
  • from the Tablet
  • without downloading
  • contacless menu

Minimize and reduce your costs!

Your customers can open the camera on their phones, read the code, and display the entire business menu with images, with the special QR CODE on every table, and order through Whatsapp.


Marketing Tool of Your Restaurant

Your customers will be able to access your menu on their mobile phones within seconds by reading the QR codes on the table.!

  • Move your Menu to Digital
  • Digitalize your Menu
  • Anytime Update
  • Add Unlimited Items
  • Add Product Videos
  • Attach a camp to your ideal product
  • Review Customer Reports
  • Post the Social Media Menu
  • Your Menu is Now Available on Google

Moreover, you don’t have to invest in tablets or any kind of integration.

Olimposs Contactless Menu

Contactless Menu

The outbreak of Corona virus affected daily life worldwide much more quickly than anticipated. More healthy than printed menus is GetMenu.link

The customer views the menu from his mobile device and will be able to quickly review the menu without regard for hygiene.

For this code scanned from a smartphone or tablet, a specially crafted online menu page is accessed.

The customer can view and place orders in the opened menu page, without touching all products.

What are the Advantages?

Servis Çeşitleri
Arka Ofis Operasyonları

No Apps to Download

Your customers can access your website within seconds from your mobile phone.
Çalışan Yönetimi
Analiz ve Raporlama

No Commission

Use the 0% annual low membership fee commission.
SMS & E-mail Bildirimi
Masa & Rezervasyon Yönetimi

No Membership

Your customers do not belong to any website.

Olimposs QR Menu

It is easy

Moreover, you don't have to invest in tablets or any kind of integration.

Moreover, you don't have to invest in tablets or any kind of integration.

Your menu will now be in a customer pocket within 3 seconds with the QR button.
Your menu is now digital.

What does the restaurant get with the 0 Commission?

What does the restaurant get with the 0 Commission?

Let’s assume that a client wishing to order a minimum order amount from a small restaurant. May the following be our account entries; Average of 20 orders per day are placed in the restaurant.

How Does the QR Menu System Work?

How Does the QR Menu System Work?

1. The client opens the camera of the phone
2. Reads the table QR Code
3. Tests the menu without downloading an application from your phones
Add your brochures, social media pages, and your website if you like.

Measure Value of Your Customers

Measure Value of Your Customers

As you know, the menus are highly shaped by the day’s flow. So, breakfasts come first, followed by main dishes, desserts and drinks. Your customers can not reach their desired location without having breakfast checked in during the hours when you do not serve breakfast at dinner.

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