Analysis and Reporting

Effective analytics ensures excellence

With Olimposs taking management processes to the mobile environment, instantly gather and analyse all data to check the efficiency of your restaurant anytime, anywhere.

All processes might seem to be working perfectly, but concrete outcomes cannot be monitored effectively without analytics and reporting. With its mobile features, Olimposs analyses and reports all data from sale amounts to number of customers, results of satisfaction surveys, cost/profit balance, and daily turnover, thus improving the decision-making processes of restaurant managers.

You are more powerful with the modular structure of Olimposs

24/7 Cloud Readiness

Our main goal is to make Olimposs POS as a fast, stable and functional application. It has easy to use UI. It is designed to take orders, track sales and manage your entire restaurant operations with less training hours.

Olimposs Restaurant POS

Act quickly with value-added services of Olimposs and make better decisions

We work for your success

We aim to facilitate the digital transition of the entities by POS integration with Olimposs Restaurant Pos solution.

About Us

Olimpos POS System is designed for restaurant, cafe, restaurant, bar, vehicle service and home service.



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